The EasyCutter will cut paper, vinyl, leather, fabric, fibre glass, Kevlar, packaging material, card and much more.

Scissors weigh 227g and are 200mm long.

Safety Blades

With safety blades that are designed to cut material but not your fingers the EasyCutter is the ideal tool to replace the old long blade scissors that are unsafe for today's workplace.

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Hardened Carbide Cutting Tip

The EasyCutter features a high tensile, long-life carbide cutting tip meaning you will get longer life and better performance from each blade.

Optional Power

Both battery power and AC power can be used with the EasyCutter. The rechargeable battery will last hours before needing re-charging.

The AC adaptor allows the EasyCutter to be used continually off mains power.

For Sign Makers

The EasyCutter allows quick and safe trimming of prints. It also will eliminate the risk of damaging expensive laminator rollers compared with using a blade cutter.
For Packaging

The EasyCutter will cut bubble wrap and foam packaging material quickly and easily.
Fabric / Leather

The EasyCutter can follow patterns easily and quickly to improve production time on even the most complex jobs.
Fibreglass / Composites

The EasyCutter will also cut fibreglass matting, Kevlar, carbon fibre and other composites.

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